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What do the road signs in your country say about you?

Posted by super7scoopers on October 9, 2010

Screen shot 2010-10-04 at 9.08.55 PM

The third challenge is a great introduction into Room 7′s investigation of visual images. It would be interesting to hear from other students and teachers what this sign tells you about the area that we live near? The sign is found 20 minutes down the road from our school just out of the city. Beyond the obvious (penguins), what might this area look like, sound like, feel like?

Your thoughts and ideas would be really appreciated, especially from those who have never been to Dunedin.

8 Responses to “What do the road signs in your country say about you?”

  1.   Room 12 Says:

    We think we would see a road with penguins crossing. We think there will be snow. There will be grass too. There might be a zoo. There must be cars if it says to go slow. There will be water because they need to eat fish. There will be mountains with snow.

    It will sound like happy chirping pengiuns, cars driving slowly, swishing water and amazed happy people talking about penguins.

    It will feel hot and cold. We cant decide!

  2.   Middle K & Mr KT Says:

    We are Middle K and we are from Bellaire Primary School. Bellaire is in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. None of us have visited Dunedin before. We had a big discussion about this road sign and we have lots of ideas.
    These are the words that popped into our heads when we thought about your area…

    Looks Like:
    Frosty, sandy, beach nearby, holes for penguins, cliffs, farmland, sheep, train tracks, land/scrub/forest, dirt tracks

    Sounds Like:
    Waves crashing, bugs/insects, windy, penguins squeaking(maybe), some cars, seagulls, other animals, splashing

    Feels Like:
    icy/cold, windy, fresh air, peaceful, disappointment (if you did not see the penguins), warm, crowded, wet

    We are about to have a look to see where Dunedin is on the map.

    We hope this helps!

    Come and visit our blog sometime.

    Middle K

  3.   Evelyn Yvonne Theriault Says:

    Here is a visual response to your post -

    Mrs. Theriault
    All Things Quebec

  4.   Evelyn Yvonne Theriault Says:

    Hello Scoopers,
    First of all, I had no idea there were penguins where you live. I’m presuming that this is real sign and not a “joke sign”?
    I find it interesting that the penguins would not be afraid to cross the street! I would have thought that penguins would be very shy and timid.
    Mrs. Theriault
    Montreal, Canada
    P.S. My students are away for Canadian Thanksgiving so they won’t see this for a few days!

  5.   celiacoffa Says:

    Hello Scoopers
    I was born in NZ but moved away to Australia when I was only 5 so, I can say that I have not been to Dunedin. Seeing that sign makes me think that the people of that town must care for their native wildlife. They must also live near the sea, it makes me think that the lifestyle is relaxed – you take the time to slow down and hope visitors will too.

  6.   Jenny Ellwood Says:

    Hey Scoopers – I live in England UK. I should think you live somewhere a lot colder than here! I would also think it may be fairly quiet where your sign is found – on a road travelling through a natural setting? In England you would find signs warning of deer or maybe cattle, horses or sheep in some areas. Lots of foxes, badgers & hedgehogs get run over too :O(

  7.   Karen Ditzler Says:

    Hi there! I live in Pennsylvania, USA. We do not have any signs like that in our area, but we have many deer crossing signs. I think that you live in the southern hemisphere because that is where I think penguins live. I would also think that you live near the ocean because penguins like to swim. I also usually think of cold, snowy places when I think of penguins. It must be very cool to see penguins crossing your road!

  8.   Miss Y Says:

    Hi Scoopers

    Greetings from Melbourne, Australia!

    I haven’t been to Dunedin. From your sign I’m wondering…

    How far your school is from the sea

    What type of penguins live in your area

    If you have a special viewing area for penguins like we do at Phillip Island (We have Fairy pengins)

    We would be more likely to have to watch out for kangaroos and wombats on our roads!

    Miss Y :)


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