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What is Guy Fawkes?

Posted by super7scoopers on November 8, 2011

Ms B is away at the moment and she put a link on our blog to help us with a piece of research that we had to do today. How awesome are our readers, though? They saw the new post and answered our question for us. It is great to hear answers coming from “experts” on the other side of the wold! (Thanks Mr E!)

Today we found out that we celebrate Guy Fawkes because it is a celebration in England. We are a part of the Commonwealth and celebrate most of the same things as the English. We found out that this event happened in the 1600′s. Quite amazing really for us because Captain Cook hadn’t even discovered New Zealand for more than another 100 years!

Before we researched we had to decide on our purpose and technique…

  1. To Inform – What is Guy Fawkes? Why do we celebrate it?
  2. To Recount – Write a diary for 3-4 days leading up to and just after Guy Fawkes tried to blow up Parliament.
  3. To Persuade – Why should/shouldn’t we celebrate fireworks.
  4. To Entertain – Write a story from the gang’s cat or dog’s perspective…

Watch this space… We will share our writing first.

Meanwhile thanks to our readers who are helping us with our research by sharing their knowledge, thoughts and opininions about Guy Fawkes.

5 Responses to “What is Guy Fawkes?”

  1.   Rebecca.C Says:

    Wow! you just gotta ignite the light and let it shinejust own the night like the like the 4th of july! :) awesome guy fawks story I learnt alot:)

  2.   Zechariah Says:

    Thats really great that yous are researching on Guy Fawkes.Keep up the great and awsome work

  3.   Zainab Says:

    Hey Guys,
    Here is a fact for you, did you know that Guy Fawkes is also known as ‘Guido Fawkes. By the way, I like the way you are getting people who comment on your blog to help you answer your questions. Keep up the good work.
    Zainab :)

  4.   Ella C Says:

    Fireworks night is about celebrating when Guy forks tried to
    blow up the House of Lords.

  5.   David eldridge Says:

    Basically Guy Fawkes was a Catholic who, in 1605, went underneath the Houses of Parliament in London and with his conspirators placed many barrels of gunpowder. The plan was to blow up the Protestant Parliament but … he was captured and came to a grizzly end in 1606.
    So the night that he was captured is celebrated by fireworks (gunpowder) and a bonfire, which traditionally has a ‘Guy’ on top. It’s always Nov 5th, but many firework events go to the weekend. You can travel to many of the villages near to where I live and watch great fireworks.
    You’ll find out a lot more if you go to Google. This is a genuinely old English tradition.
    When I was little we used to make a ‘Guy’… a bit like a scarecrow and wheel it round the streets shouting, “penny for the guy”, we’d collect money and buy fireworks. You have to be 18 to buy fireworks now.

    Mr E

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