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End of Year Concert

Posted by super7scoopers on December 12, 2011

Wow, what a night at the PAC. We would love you to have time to watch the whole video but for our new e-pals and quad bloggers: we would love you to fast forward to certain points in the video that we are most proud of…
1) getting 118 children onto the stage was not easy….[5:39]
2) We were very proud that 118 children could break into part singing like a real choir [8:39] and
3) Our class ensemble item that we are most proud of…. [37:30]
4) Lastly, we were sad to farewell our 67 Year 6 Leavers. They treated us to an Inaugural Year 6 Medley – [46.07] This year’s Year 5 students would love to know what you think of this as they want to continue the performance!

If you have time to watch the whole show, it is pretty cool… Including our inaugural Year 6 Leavers’ medley – this comprised of 64 children performing their first ever Leavers’ Medley…

6 Responses to “End of Year Concert”

  1.   david eldridge Says:

    It doesn’t surprise me to see ‘Scoopers’ involved in something of such high quality. I am so envious of your facilities, I could fit my whole school building on your stage! Great work from everyone. Good luck to all those moving on and I am looking forward to following your blog in the New Year… year 5 you look a bit crazy as well!

    Happy New Year
    Mr E

  2.   Michelle O'Sullivan Says:

    I thought the show was absolutely fantastic! You have all worked so hard through the year. Well done and good luck to all the year 6 leavers in their adventures at their new schools:))

  3.   Anne K Says:

    That is soooo cool! I just loved watching you all come onto the stage! Amazing sounds and timing. I love the H E L L O performance! What a very clever class! I wish I had of been there to see it live. Where did you all practice at school? It looks so polished – anyone would think that you have practised on this stage all along!
    Well done!

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