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Welcome to 2012!

Posted by super7scoopers on January 9, 2012

I think most of our readers realise that we are enjoying our summer holidays right now but there are some decisions to be made and new beginnings taking place now that is the new year.

You see, 2012 has begun. At the end of 2011, we farewelled for the last time, 22 of our classmates and while we will remain in the same physical classroom, there will be 23 new people arriving into what will now be know as Room 9, not Room 7. The new name is the outcome of building renovations.

This teacher is in a quandry. She has loved being a part of the Super 7 Scoopers and especially enjoyed the used of vlogging to share our learning but now wonders… Is it time for a new blog?

This would mean that the 2012 “Scoopers” would have to develop their own name (ownership) and develop a new audience (purpose)….

Perhaps you could help us with our decision making… Please vote…

5 Responses to “Welcome to 2012!”

  1.   david eldridge Says:

    ‘Scoopers’ is great. Whatever you do, be sure to tell all of us that follow you what your new address is!

    Mr E

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