Welcome to 2012!

I think most of our readers realise that we are enjoying our summer holidays right now but there are some decisions to be made and new beginnings taking place now that is the new year.

You see, 2012 has begun. At the end of 2011, we farewelled for the last time, 22 of our classmates and while we will remain in the same physical classroom, there will be 23 new people arriving into what will now be know as Room 9, not Room 7. The new name is the outcome of building renovations.

This teacher is in a quandry. She has loved being a part of the Super 7 Scoopers and especially enjoyed the used of vlogging to share our learning but now wonders… Is it time for a new blog?

This would mean that the 2012 “Scoopers” would have to develop their own name (ownership) and develop a new audience (purpose)….

Perhaps you could help us with our decision making… Please vote…

Quad Blogging…

While the Scoopers are away on holiday, we are very aware that we might have some new readers checking us out. Therefore, we have pulled out some of our older artifacts to help our readers get to know us and where we come from. Here are some Voice Thread projects that we shared earlier…

End of Year Concert

Wow, what a night at the PAC. We would love you to have time to watch the whole video but for our new e-pals and quad bloggers: we would love you to fast forward to certain points in the video that we are most proud of…
1) getting 118 children onto the stage was not easy….[5:39]
2) We were very proud that 118 children could break into part singing like a real choir [8:39] and
3) Our class ensemble item that we are most proud of…. [37:30]
4) Lastly, we were sad to farewell our 67 Year 6 Leavers. They treated us to an Inaugural Year 6 Medley – [46.07] This year’s Year 5 students would love to know what you think of this as they want to continue the performance!

If you have time to watch the whole show, it is pretty cool… Including our inaugural Year 6 Leavers’ medley – this comprised of 64 children performing their first ever Leavers’ Medley…

Kindness, Caring and Manners!

Our school values are known as the KCM’s (Kindness, Caring and Manners) and yesterday at our sports day, we saw and experienced loads of this in our teams and on the field. Today, we placed a Wall on our Daily News and asked classes to contribute and share some of the things they saw… The comments are from classrooms in our junior, middle and senior team. All these different perspectives of the same day certainly show how much kindness, caring and manners was being used!

We ran the comments through Wordle.

What is Guy Fawkes?

Ms B is away at the moment and she put a link on our blog to help us with a piece of research that we had to do today. How awesome are our readers, though? They saw the new post and answered our question for us. It is great to hear answers coming from “experts” on the other side of the wold! (Thanks Mr E!)

Today we found out that we celebrate Guy Fawkes because it is a celebration in England. We are a part of the Commonwealth and celebrate most of the same things as the English. We found out that this event happened in the 1600’s. Quite amazing really for us because Captain Cook hadn’t even discovered New Zealand for more than another 100 years!

Before we researched we had to decide on our purpose and technique…

  1. To Inform – What is Guy Fawkes? Why do we celebrate it?
  2. To Recount – Write a diary for 3-4 days leading up to and just after Guy Fawkes tried to blow up Parliament.
  3. To Persuade – Why should/shouldn’t we celebrate fireworks.
  4. To Entertain – Write a story from the gang’s cat or dog’s perspective…

Watch this space… We will share our writing first.

Meanwhile thanks to our readers who are helping us with our research by sharing their knowledge, thoughts and opininions about Guy Fawkes.

While the Cat’s Away…

Well, Ms B was away today and we had Mrs Johnstone work in Room 7. Look at what she had to say about us!

We had to use Graffitti Art, to symbolise something about ourselves…