Scoopers are AVATARED!

Because we very rarely meet face to face (f2f), we can still give some visual cues as to what we look like or about our interests. We have to make sure we are being internet safe and that usually means only putting pictures of actual students on the web if we have parental permission to do so. We certainly don’t name the students in the pictures.

So instead of a real picture we create an avatar. These are our new avatars – let us know what you think!

12 thoughts on “Scoopers are AVATARED!

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  2. Hi Super7scoopers
    I’m SO impressed with your avatar presentation! The avatars are great and the music is so avatarish! Well done!
    Now SPUDS will have to investigate this Photopeach program as I’m sure they will want to have a go too.
    Your blog is really super.
    Mrs. Bird

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  4. Hi Super Scoopers,
    I checked out your avatars and I think they are a lot of fun. O recognised the Build Your Wild Self ones. I wondered where the other ones came from. I spotted a few super heroes there. One way my Y1&2 children have been making avatars is using KidPix. We have to export them as a jpeg and then we can upload them. That’s fun too.
    Keep up the good work.
    Ms Donnell Kaipara Flats

  5. Great work! I like how you each choose a different way or site to make your avatars, which I would guess would correspond to your individual personalities. Keep it up and I can’t wait to check back to see what other great things you are doing!
    (from Omaha, NE)

  6. These are gorgeous. What a lot of different avatar sites you have used. Great variety

  7. Well done Room 7, I love your avatars. My students created their avatars today too, and I will put them on our blog soon.
    I’ll get my students to have a look at your fantastic avatars.

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