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Our Place in the World

By Ben and Nick

Dunedin is located in the East Coast of the South Island New Zealand.   Dunedin attracts tourists for the famous Monarch cruise, which travels up the harbour, and stops at the known Albatross colony where you sight the longest wing spam bird in the world.

Or come and watch an exhilarating match of the All Blacks playing teams from all over the world. Down at Dunedin’s local rugby stadium (Carisbrook). If you are thinking about visiting for the World Cup, you could wait until our new stadium is finished. If you are a gardener at heart, you could simply enjoy a coffee from the botanical gardens with stunning scenery and the amazing bird aviaries. The Chinese Gardens are world renowned. They were constructed by visitors from Shanghai – our sister city, using traditional methods. If you are interested in histroy, you will find that we are a very young city by European standards but you could take a history tour around Olveston or Larnach castle. (Dunedin’s only remaining, still-standing castle).

Dunedin’s is a great place to visit and is great because it  gets cruise ships coming from all over the world. There are wide range of activities to choose from.

At the beginning of this year, we hosted a tourist from France called Sebastien Ze Frog! He enjoyed more than anything our own backyard. St Clair, where most of us live backs onto a beautiful beach.

12 thoughts on “Blogging challenge

  1. Terrific writing guys. Our city is very special and you have touched on a number of its key features using well phrased sentences and interesting vocabulary.

    Well done.

    Mr Newton

  2. Hi my name is Lana
    I have never been to Dunedin,but I want to go one of my best friends was born there. Thanks for leaving the comment on our site. Your teacher left a question about the hot air balloons and if she came here she could se them but she can only see them during some of the end of March and some at the start of April.

    Room 8 Melville Intermediate,Waikato,New Zealand

  3. Dear Ben and Nick,

    Fabulous post about your beautiful city! I would have a hard time choosing which place to visit first. Perhaps I would start with a cup of coffee at the botanical gardens!

    You boys have outstanding writing skills! The strong verbs and interesting adjectives really add to your post. In addition, you do a fantastic job of varying the beginnings of your sentences. Well done!

    I’m curious, there is a green frog in the PhotoPeach…who is that? 🙂

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Yollis

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  5. Well done Ben and Nick it is great to read about Dunedin and all the place of interest.. Brings back memories from our visits to Dunedin… Must be great to visit Dunedin on a cruise ship.. I understand they sometime close some of the roads so as to allow the tour bus to move quickly.
    Keep you the good work

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  7. Excellent post, Ben and Nick. Remember though to add a link or trackback to the original challenge post, so I get to know about the post. You are lucky your teacher tweeted about the post on Twitter, so I could come and see this great piece of work.

  8. Ben made this photo peach slideshow for a previous post but it seemed to fit this task as well… They are keen to do the individual blog challenge next time!

  9. Excellent work Ben and Nick. Dunedin sounds like a really lovely place.

    Did you do the PhotoPeach slideshow yourself as well? As you’ve done an excellent job with the photos and embedding it.

    Keep up the great blogging!

    Sue Waters, The Edublogger

  10. Congratulations Ben and Nick! Fabulous description of our beautiful city. You are so lucky to live so close to the sea! Keep up the great writing!

  11. You have really sold Dunedin as a wonderful place to visit. I have been there and loved the botanical gardens. That was an excellent piece of writing, well done.

  12. Ben and Nick – you’ve managed to write a consise yet very accurate statement about why someone should come to Dunedin. I have only been there once in my life and I liked the experience but I wish I had written your piece of writing before I went there so I could have been planned about what I saw! Great descriptive writing and excactly what the Challenge would want.
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

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